What is a partner?

Partners are stakeholders that are interested in working with networks to help members connect to meaningful employment, build the capacity of the networks, develop partnerships or support the development of network leaders.

Partners include employers, immigrant-serving agencies, professional associations, employee resource groups, post-secondary institutions, regulatory bodies, government agencies and others.

List of current partners


How can you benefit from participating in PINs?

For employers

  • Tap into networks representing a range of professions to connect to immigrant talent or leverage global expertise
  • Provide volunteer opportunities for your employees and develop their cross-cultural understanding to enhance vendor, client and employee relations
  • Raise awareness of your organization as an employer of choice for new, established and prospective immigrants
  • Build communication pipelines to communities relevant to your business

For immigrant-serving agencies, professional associations, employee resource groups, regulatory bodies, or other service provider and associations

  • Connect your clients or members to established professionals in their sector by referring them to the directory
  • Network with leaders, explore partnership opportunities and share resources
  • Raise awareness about your programs and services for new, established and prospective immigrants

For government agencies and other stakeholder groups:

  • Consult with network leaders to help shape programs or policies on immigrant employment
  • Raise awareness about your programs and services for new, established and prospective immigrants


How Scotiabank benefits, as a partner, from working with PINs



Can my organization be a part of PINs?

In order to participate in PINs, your organization must:

Be interested in providing information, programs or services to networks at minimal or no cost, that meet one of the following criteria:

  • Help immigrants connect to meaningful employment
  • Build the capacity of non-profit organizations or associations
  • Develop leadership skills of PINs leaders
  • Raise the profile of network leaders and their organizations


Roles and responsibilities of partners

To be an active member of PINs:

Your organization provides information, programs or services to network leaders or members

Your representatives:

  • Participate in PINs events, programs and activities
  • Participate in the online community on the PINs website
  • Share resources, expertise and skills with other PINs and partners as appropriate



As an active member of PINs, you will have the opportunity to display the PINs logo on your organization’s website which will link to the PINs website. A badge will also be displayed on your organization’s page on the PINs website indicating you are an active member of the PINs community.


How to join

Please click on the following link to fill out an application form.