Promo Kit: Email template

Email template This template can be used to share more information about the PINs website and the various ways this on-line community can help skilled immigrants, employers and service providers.

Subject: Spread the word: New website for professional immigrant networks

Dear xxx,

TRIEC recently introduced a vital new website as part of the Professional Immigrant Networks initiative (PINs) to forge better connections among these networks, as well as with immigrants, employers and service providers – all with the goal of advancing immigrant employment. We’d like your help to spread the word to all those who can benefit from this new site. is your portal to over 30 immigrant networks and associations. The site features numerous resources and tools on both a public and community side. The public side includes a network directory searchable by profession or ethno-cultural group, success stories and an event calendar. The community side is a log-in section where network leaders and partners such as employers, government, community agencies can connect and share resources and information. Features include messaging functions, discussion boards, a resource library and a skills and resources exchange board.

With all these features, no matter who you are, there is a reason to visit:

  • For skilled immigrants – Connect with these networks as a key strategy to achieve your employment goals.
  • For employers - Tap into networks representing a range of professions to connect to immigrant talent or leverage global expertise.
  • For service providers - Explore partnership opportunities, share information and resources and connect your clients or members to established professionals in their field.

We’ve developed several tools that you can use to help spread the word about these new resources:

  • Flyer to post in your office or community centre
  • Short listing to go on your website resource page
  • Article for your newsletter
  • Sample social media updates
  • Web banners

If you have any questions or require additional materials to promote the website, please contact XXX at XXXX. We appreciate your support in spreading this information and helping others leverage this resource for immigrant employment.

Kind regards,