M-Bridge Culture Integration Society for Professionals

M-Bridge is a federally-registered non-profit organization founded and operated by a group of internationally-educated professional (IEP) immigrants. It was established in response to the common challenge of effective communication in workplace and social situations for IEPs. Through the provision of educational services about Canadian workplace and social culture and by bridging the gaps of professional immigrants and society, M-Bridge helps IEPs transition and integrate into Canada.

Activities, programs and/or services that help immigrants connect to employment or achieve their professional goals: 
Year Established: 
Members of my organization live in: 
Greater Toronto Area (GTA)
Total number of members served: 
501 - 1000
Annual membership fee: $25/year
Membership benefits: 
  • Exclusive group saving plan on auto and home insurance saving up to $1000
  • Free participation in M-Bridge regular educational workshops and seminars on Canadian social and workplace culture and also in advanced English instruction
  • Free participation in networking, social events and outdoor activities with opportunities to practice your English communication skills and at the same time increase your personal social skills and professional contacts
  • Up to 30% discount on all college/private equivalent courses and training offered by M-Bridge
  • Educational social activities to enable you to improve your ability to interact with Canadians and be confident in your career and in your daily life
  • Gain access to professional employment opportunities directly from employers and job agents who are more willing to hire immigrants through partnerships with TRIEC, and upcoming partnership with more employers and job agents
  • Connecting with Canadians from your profession and other professions
  • Significant upcoming group discounts from third party services
  • Networking with Canadians from all walks of life
  • Positive environment providing inspiration, encouragement and supports during challenging times in your settlement, career and daily life
Estimated percentage of members that have arrived within the last three years: 
71% - 80%
Key contact: 
Other contact(s): 
Descriptions of partnerships: 
Chinese Advisory Council of United Way Peel Region (counsuting, event colaboration), Mississauga Board of Chinese Professionals and Businesses (evetn colaboration), MMA (events and information coordination); New World Insurance (providing group discount insurance to members); Peel Chinese Community Service Hub (venue provider); TRIEC (employment support, leadership capacity building)

Network Website: http://www.m-bridge.org

Date network joined PINs:
September 2011


M-Bridge aims to engage, build support communities for IEPs and shape a pathway of integration for professional immigrants. IEP immigrants are supported for their specific needs, so they are able to utilize their assets – education, talents, highly-developed skills and experiences to undertake their long-term integration on a similar footing to other Canadians, to fulfil their dreams for coming to Canada, to build harmony strong community, to contribute Canada economically, socially, and culturally.
Ethnocultural group servedMulti-Ethnic
Demographic of profession servedMulti-profession
Type of networkOther
Location of activitiesMississauga, ON
North York, ON