PINs Milestones

February 2014:

PINs three year report released

The first three years of the PINs Initiative has been a busy one. Learn about how throughout 2011-14 the PINs program has continued to build the capacity of the associations and organizations in the PINs community, make connections and develop and empower our leaders. 

Read the full report.

October 2013:

PINs launches promotional video

TRIEC is excited to launch the PINs promotional video. Learn about how the PINs program connects skilled immigrants, professional immigrant associations, employers and other stakeholders.

Find out how we are building connections within the PINs community and share the video in your networks!

March 2013:

PINs Annual mini-conference: Leveraging Our Relationships for Impact

TRIEC held the first PINs Annual mini-conference: Leveraging Our Relationships for Impact at the Toronto Board of Trade. Over 100 participants attended from 58 organizations including professional immigrant associations, employers, community agencies, employment service providers and government agencies. Find out more about the mini-conference on our Past Events and Success Stories section of the website.

April 2012:

Ontario Trillium Foundation grant is awarded

The Ontario Trillium Foundation recently awarded TRIEC a two-year grant to expand the outreach efforts of PINs in order to reach more networks, more employers and more skilled immigrants, including developing a vibrant online community on the PINs website.

February 2012:

PINs website and online community launched

The PINs website launched on February 9, 2012 at the Toronto Board of Trade. The website profiles over 30 professional immigrant networks in Toronto and will continue to grow. It provides an online community where immigrant network leaders and stakeholders can connect, share ideas and resources, and build partnerships.

March 2011:

Citizenship and Immigration Canada funding renewed

This funding has allowed TRIEC to build on the progress made since the project’s inception.

February 2011:

TRIEC started coordinating events for network leaders

Events include leadership development sessions and learning exchanges for network leaders

February 2011:

Monthly e-Lert communications launched

TRIEC began sending monthly newsletters to network leaders and stakeholders to keep them abreast on the PINs initiative and share information across organizations.

January/ February 2011:

Consultations with network leaders and stakeholders held to shape PINs

TRIEC sought input from network leaders and stakeholders of the program to better understand why and how they wanted to engage the PINs initiative, and to learn about their organizational priorities.

January 2011:

Scotiabank sponsors PINs initiative

Scotiabank’s sponsorship has enabled TRIEC to further build PINs. Read more.

December 2010:

First PINs Advisory Committee meeting held

The first PINs multi-stakeholder advisory committee was formed to provide strategic direction, share expertise on partnership and community development, and raise awareness of the value of PINs.

February 2010:

First Learning Exchange conference held

Leaders from 20 networks shared practical information on best practices and gave TRIEC a mandate to work with them to build an effective network of networks to strengthen their capacity. Read more.

November 2009:

PINs directory launched

Launched an online directory on Settlement.Org of over 50 networks that have an online presence in collaboration with the Ontario Council of Agencies Serving Immigrants (OCASI).

October 2009:

First leaders' roundtable convened

20 network leaders met and discussed opportunities for building a learning network for leaders to share promising practices and develop a collective strategy to make their networks work even better. Read more.

August 2009:

Environmental scan conducted by TRIEC

TRIEC was able to find over 70 active networks in Ontario, with a collective reach of more than 30,000 new, established and prospective immigrants from both sector and ethno-specific groups.

April 2009:

Citizenship and Immigration Canada funding received

This funding enabled TRIEC to launch the PINs initiative.