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Black History Month In Canada

The month of February is Black History Month in Canada, and a prime time to remember those that are part of this heritage. Black individuals have paved the way for various rights including voting and education. They have fought for equality and opportunity. While the movements have come a long way, there is still more to do. Celebrating Black History Month in Canada is a great reminder of those sacrifices and efforts. It also encourages us all to treat people fairly regardless of the colour of their skin.


Each year, there is a theme associated with Black History Month in Canada. It is an exciting way to focus on a target area for that given year. A great deal of thought is put into the playing to execute awareness and a positive outcome. The theme for 2023 is Ours to Tell. It is an open-ended invitation to encourage people to tell their stories.

Behind the scenes, there is plenty of organising that takes place. The entire year is often spent putting plans into motion. This includes deciding on the theme, creating events, and sharing awareness. Some of the organisations involved in the planning for Black History month in Canada include Amherstburg Freedom Museum, New Brunswick Black History Society, and the Ontario Black History Society.

Events and Celebrations

Several events and celebrations are scheduled annually in Canada to celebrate Black History Month. Many of them are advertised online, especially on social media. Some of them include live speakers, sharing their stories for all to hear. There is artwork on display, award ceremonies, and much more. Everyone is welcome to take part in such events, and it can be a wonderful way to educate yourself on the black history of Canada at the same time.

The schools in Canada often have Black History month as part of the curriculum. The information students learn about and how they learn it depends on the grade they are in. Junior high and high school students may have an opportunity to write about a famous black person that helped shape the history of Canada. Teachers are very resourceful when it comes to creative ways to teach the information to their students.

Contributions Today

Canada wouldn’t be the amazing place it is today without the dedication and services of many African Americans from all walks of life. Canada has a strong economy as well as diversity among its people. Black History Month in Canada is a chance to recognise this, and hope some of that spotlight on them will carry over throughout the remainder of the year.
Creating better opportunities in Canada for all people, including African Americans, is important. People of all ages can learn from Black History Month in Canada and have fun with the many events and celebrations. They can learn about people that have created the foundation for where they reside and those that press forward to ensure they have plenty of opportunities to live the life they desire here!