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Attending college is an exciting time, but it can be full of challenges too. York University offers a program called PINs@YorkU for International students pursuing their education in Business, Human Resources, IT, or Finance. So far, this program has had about 250 members, and it continues to grow. The membership includes both current students and previous alumni.

This bridging program at York University is a wonderful way to connect with other International students. It offers resources, there is help if you have problems due to culture or language barriers, and it provides a great support system. Making friends when you go to college is important. PINs@YorkU also offers many opportunities to socialise and be part of this college community.

You must sign up for the York University bridging program to gain membership to PINs@YorkU. The bridging program is specifically designed for those from another country. The goal is to help them through the right courses to be a viable member of society in Canada once they complete their degree. The program can help with finding work after graduation too. There is no membership fee to join.

York University is a top-ranking educational facility. They welcome people from all backgrounds, and have a large migrant population. The curriculums are designed to help students develop the skills they need to transition from the classroom to the work environment. It is the 3rd largest University in Canada with approximately 55,000 students.
Due to the high rank of this University, there is plenty of competition among students who desire to attend. There is a lengthy application process where GPA, extra-curricular activities, community involvement, and other factors are weighed. The school works hard to gain the best students possible for its programs. They are also very selective about the background and expertise of their staff.