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There is plenty of value offered from the efforts of the New Canadian Media Professionals Network. It is often referred to as NCMP. This is a professional network designed for immigrants. It offers resources including networking, training, and development for media professionals and journalists in Canada. These professionals come from many different backgrounds and locations, giving them an International spin to add to their work.

Several different types of professionals that can benefit from NCMP. This includes immigrants to Canada with a background in the areas of TV broadcasting, radio broadcasting, and newspapers/articles. It doesn’t matter if the work is in print or found online only. The goal of the organisation is to help them find the best connections and resources for them to get involved with these types of job opportunities in Canada.

Ideally, those connections and resources will enable Canadian immigrants in their quest to find gainful employment in their chosen career field. The ability to put their skills into action and continue to expand their knowledge in these areas can be a wonderful outcome. It provides them with income, a sense of personal satisfaction, and it meets the desire people around Canada have for such services to be provided.

There are numerous benefits to Canadian immigrants if they decide to become a member of NCMP. The ability to identify and connect with a network of established immigrant media professionals and journalists is hard extremely valuable. Such immigrants to Canada are mentors, willing to give back to others on this journey. They can answer questions, help with job searching, and guide those new to the area to proper resources.

NCMP members are invited to various workshops and events. They help with professional development, focus on key concepts, and it is a chance to gain valuable information from professionals in those sectors. The presentations and information are current, ensuring immigrants to Canada can find plenty of value when they attend such events.

There is an email list and a mailing list for NCMP members. This ensures they receive newsletters, information about job leads, internship opportunities, and anything else of interest to their field of interest. Sometimes, there are volunteer opportunities that give them a chance to give back to their community.

While several of the NCMP events have a fee to attend, members can get in at a reduced cost. Some of these events are free of charge to members. The information is always disclosed to help those wishing to attend know what their cost will be in advance.

All NCMP members can have their information in the website directory. The profile can share as much information as you like, including a photo. The member’s area is continually updated, ensuring new members are added as soon as they join NCMP.