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Economic Mobility Pathway Pilot Program Underway In Canada For Refugees

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Canada is pleased to announce a new pathway for immigrants that will provide them with a way to connect with employers. According to Sean Fraser, IRCC Minister, everyone benefits this way. Employers can benefit from the skills refugees and displaced individuals offer for the workforce. At the same time, refugees find the incentives encouraging as they view Canada as a new start. A way for a better life and to earn money to support themselves and their families.

This new pathway is known as EMPP, short for Economic Mobility Pathways Pilot. It is guided under the resources of the Canadian Federal governing body. This is exciting news, and the feedback on it are positive. It was announced in a speech today by the Minister live from Toronto. It is going to begin in the summer of 2023, which is right around the corner.

Employers are thrilled with EMPP because there is a shortage of people to work for them available. This program brings many displaced individuals and skilled refugees to Canada where they can legally gain employment. This is a wonderful way for them to forge a new life. It also helps reduce the crushing developments in Canada due to labour shortages in many occupations and places of business.

Employers find EMPP to be favourable to them because they can fill important job openings in many fields including:

  • Delivery services drivers
  • Hospitality workers
  • Long-term care aids
  • Nurse aids
  • Personal support workers
  • Software engineers
  • Teachers
  • Technicians
  • Tourism jobs
  • Truck drivers

In the next couple of years, Canada plans to further expand the EMPP that is starting up this summer. The goal is to welcome as many as 2,000 refugees and displaced individuals that meet the requirements. This is going to significantly reduce the labour shortage in Canada, offering employers some much needed relief.

An estimated 465,000 new permanent residents are expected into Canada by the end of 2023! This is approved through IRCC (Immigration, Refugees, and Citizenship Canada). The target number of new permanent residents is even higher for the next few years:

2024 anticipated 485,000

2025 anticipated 500,000

The total immigrants welcomed into Canada in 2022 was approximately 437,000.

The record high numbers as well as the number of foreign students coming to the country mean that the population growth was over 1 million people last year! This is the first time in history such numbers have been achieved.

All of this is due to the targeted populations of refuges and displaced individuals Canada graciously welcomes into the country. This country also has been hit hard by one of the biggest labour shortages in the world.

The programs available in Canada offer more than 100 different economic pathways for the different classes of immigrants coming into the country. The largest one is PNP, short for Provincial Nominee Program. This allows territories and provinces to welcome candidates they identify as helping them meet their economic needs in that target location.

On the Federal level, the largest pathway is the Express Entry System. Both of them are seeing high volumes of activity. More than 14,000 candidates were invited to apply for permanent residence in recent weeks to help get this program underway and bringing in people to work!